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22 October 2012 @ 11:53 pm

free download if you're on facebook.
The songs makes me want to sly to space x3 speaking of world's end, we never know if this is the last year of the earth. Better let the bad things happen seems like it's ok. hhha. I hear these songs while someones are arguing with each other. Perfect recovery song! And below is the original version made for a cute chinese movie Starry Starry Night. I still need to watch this movie because it seems magical.


Yesterday arrived home at 2AM after 3,5hours Erased Tapes Records concert (Olafur, Nils, and a Winged Victory for the Sullen) very nordic, classic, and majestic music they are.

Coming home to late, i slept in the bank without blanket :| just as i thought, whenever i feel tired or sleep uncomfortably i wil have a dream which i normally don't. I dreamed a thing that is too good to be true which at the same time i try to deny. I like to have this kind of dream, though i prefer not to have it in the first place to avoid myself look too happy infront of people for no reason.

i will never sleep in the bank without blanket anymore.